Royal Supreme Foam Laminated Mattress

Royal Supreme

Foam Laminated Mattress

Weight bearing:  150 kg per person

4 year Guarantee

20 year Service Warranty


Based on statistics in Europe, the majority of the population tends to settle for a foam laminated mattress. These products take the shape of all different human bodies, and equally offer resistance from the bottom upwards. There are no moving parts or rigid components in a foam laminated mattress, which in turn means minimal pressure points on the surface of the mattress, offering an uninterrupted nights rest. This is very beneficial for people suffering with chronic back problems.

There are many compositions which form part of our foam laminated range, from standard flexible polyurethane foams, to specialized foams such as memory and poly- latex foams. Foam laminated mattresses are durable because of the composition of the mattress being 100% foam, which in return offers a greater life span on the bed.


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